Empower Your Team with Microsoft 365 & SharePoint Support

CollabPoint are experts in helping businesses reach their full potential by empowering users to get more from the tools available to them. From strategy to implementation, we will help you maximize efficiency throughout your business to deliver a greater ROI on your existing technology investments.

Provide Your Team with the SharePoint & Microsoft 365 Support they Deserve

CollabPoint’s team of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 experts are dedicated to transforming your organization by helping you to utilize the full power of your technology through adoption support, training and migration journey planning. What’s more, our comprehensive consulting solutions will help your team build the skills they need to achieve your goals and enable long term success. 

 Microsoft 365 Support to Empower Your Users

Empowering Users

We are passionate about enabling your users to embrace new technology with engaging user training and support.

CollabPoint can help you maximize ROI with expert Microsoft 365 Support

Maximizing ROI

Through effective end to end planning with a focus on user adoption, we can help you get more from your technology to maximize ROI.

Take the load off your IT Teams with office 365 support from CollabPoint

Supporting IT Teams

Your IT team have enough on their plate. We can take the load off by providing the support they need, when they need it.
CollabPoint offers SharePoint & Microsoft 365 Support

Why We Started CollabPoint

Having worked with countless organizations to support migrations to Microsoft 365, we noticed that time and time again organizations focus solely on the technical migration and forget about the most important thing – the end user. Sadly, this results in limited ROI, frustrated users and IT teams swamped with support requests. That is why we founded CollabPoint, to help you unlock the full potential of your technologies by focusing on user empowerment. 

We work collaboratively with organizations to support them through their journey with SharePoint and Microsoft 365. No matter your starting point, we will work with you to create a holistic approach that sets you up for long term success. All of our support services are customized to the exact needs of your organization, so you can get the exact SharePoint and Microsoft 365 support you need to help you reach your goals. 

Take the First Step to Success in SharePoint & Microsoft 365

Learn how CollabPoint can empower your users with SharePoint & Microsoft 365 support.

Learn More About How CollabPoint Can Help You

Microsoft Cloud Migration

Microsoft Cloud Migration Journey

Unlock the true value of your Microsoft Cloud migration by taking the journey with CollabPoint. Our dedicated specialists are here to provide you the support you need throughout the migration process to ensure you are setup for long term success and adoption.

Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft Solutions

No matter which Microsoft applications used within your organization, CollabPoint’s dedicated specialists are here to provide the support you need to empower users and reduce the strain felt by your IT team.