Build a Sturdy Foundation with Azure Foundation

build a sturdy azure foundation
Implementing a foolproof Azure Cloud Adoption Framework is no easy undertaking. Early adopters of public cloud services like Azure experience three main challenges; cost overruns, security, and manageability. To avoid such hurdles, one must first establish a cloud with proper foundational security and governance controls before you add valuable applications and data used to run your business.

3 Pillars of a Steady Azure Foundation

Organizations are often so anxious to set up infrastructure that planning is ignored. By utilizing the Microsoft Azure reference architecture as guidance, businesses are empowered with guidance on how best to architect key Microsoft Azure components such as networking integration, identity, network security, computing and storage, operational guidelines, and much more.

azure foundations - microsoft cloud adoption framework

There are three pillars of a steady Azure Foundation:

Azure Security

Ensuring a steady security posture and consuming cloud resources securely should be a top priority for all organizations. By applying best practices for identity management, multifactor authentication & password management, role-based access control, suspicious activity monitoring, and just-in-time access, you build a safe space.

Azure Governance

When moving to a cloud-based Azure infrastructure, organizations should identify and define baselines to implement policies for how your organization members consume Azure resources while staying compliant with corporate standards.

Azure Cost Management

Controlling cost-effectively is key and requires a thorough cost analysis and a grip on budgeting. Predicting up-front costs and creating alerts to where your organization can save on cloud spend will empower your business to get more from less.

By focusing on the above-mentioned pillars, you ensure that when you migrate workloads to Azure they will be appropriately secured, have robust governance, and will be cost-optimized.

The pillars may be crucial to paving the path, but that’s not all. The nuances of building a scalable and operationally ready infrastructure take more than security and cost management. Infrastructure is at the core of your Azure deployment. Thus, you need to give equal attention to infrastructure design and connectivity.

Leveraging the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework is designed to help organizations deploy cloud technology best suited for their environment. A cloud adoption journey has layers of complexity when you tailor the adoption scenarios to meet your unique business requirements. When you follow the well-architected Microsoft Cloud Adoption framework, you are driven by key steps that help you stay laser-focused on your requirements to meet your business goals.

The workload-specific architectural guidance of the Azure Well-Architected Framework contains reference architectures and example scenarios with deployment templates to implement the solutions. The key to building a steady Azure Foundation is relying on industry best practices that help you build reliable, scalable, and secure applications in the cloud. The Azure Cloud Adoption Framework offers you tips and tricks for implementing efficient systems, mechanisms, and approaches to streamline your journey to the cloud.

Why You Need an Expert to Implement an Azure Cloud Adoption Framework

Following the Azure architecture framework and Microsoft’s best practices is easier said than done. When you partner with an Azure Cloud adoption framework expert, like CollabPoint, you mitigate risk and regain control with Azure Foundations’ security and governance best practices.

CollabPoint takes charge of proper planning and provides strategic direction by helping you decode Azure subscriptions, identify your vulnerabilities, and support you with technical expertise. Discover our complete Azure Foundations + Infrastructure as Code solution offering to learn how we seamlessly implement a proper Azure Cloud adoption framework specific to your business.

Scale the cloud footprint of your business with peace of mind while leveraging the agility offered by cloud resources and CollabPoint’s expertise. Talk to our Microsoft Cloud experts today to implement a well-planning Azure Cloud adoption framework.