Working with the right Cloud strategist to make your journey a continued success

Key considerations for working with a Cloud strategist

Key considerations for working with a Cloud strategist

We’ve written a lot recently about the importance of mapping your journey to the Cloud. The benefits of moving to the Cloud are endless. However, many organizations still struggle with who should be responsible for mapping the journey. More often than not, this falls on the shoulders of your IT team as they’re tasked with rolling out the Cloud. But your IT team is already stretched thin and frankly, are too busy to think too far beyond simply migrating. This is why many organizations struggle to actually map their Cloud journey from end-to-end, causing the migration to the Cloud to fall flat and have poor user adoption.

The best way to ensure long-term success for your Cloud migration is by finding a Cloud strategist that provides guidance and journey mapping the moment you decide to migrate to the cloud, to long after it’s been rolled out.

The good news is there are many Cloud migration service providers and experts out there that are available to help you with your journey mapping. The challenge is finding the right one for you and your organization.

Just like with choosing any type of third-party service provider, there is a lot to consider to ensure you find the best fit for you. In this blog, we’ll cover all the things you need to take into consideration when choosing the right Cloud strategist to make your journey a long-term success.

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1. Think about how hands-on you want your Cloud strategist

Before you can confidently choose a Cloud strategist, you need to understand what level of service you require. Are you looking for light consultation? Or do you need end-to-end support from rolling out the Cloud to ongoing user training, tracking and reporting?

Your Cloud strategist can create and implement an entire custom journey for you that provides guidance every step of the way.

Knowing exactly how hands on you’ll need your Cloud strategist to be will help you narrow down your search and ensure you partner with the best strategist to set you up for long-term success.

2. Understand what you want to achieve

While you may not have your goals fully fleshed out, having a general understanding of what you’d like to achieve with your Cloud rollout will greatly aid in finding a Cloud strategist that can work with you to get there. If you aren’t 100% clear on your goals or the direction you want to take, you can partner with a Cloud strategist that can help you better define your goals, as well as help you achieve them.

 3. Work with someone that truly understands your business

There is more to a Cloud strategist than their technical ability. You want to work with someone that knows you and your business inside and out. It’s important for the Cloud strategist you partner with to take the time to fully understand your business needs in order to best serve you and the business.

The more your Cloud strategist gets to know you, the better your custom journey map will be. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the long-term success of moving to the Cloud. Your business is unique, so should your Cloud journey map.

4. Ensure they provide regular check-ins, progress tracking and ongoing support

Cloud migration success begins with your users. If they don’t embrace the Cloud, you risk having the benefits remain untapped. One of the main reasons we see low adoption rates for new tech among users is a lack of training. Users get frustrated trying to learn themselves and end up not using it.

Your Cloud strategist should provide extensive user training at every stage of the rollout. This includes ongoing training post-migration through monthly advisory sessions. Take training off your busy IT teams’ plate so they can focus on serving customers, and let your trusted Cloud strategist step in to take care of the team.

Take the journey with a CollabPoint Cloud strategist

Are you ready to work with a talented Cloud strategist and take the journey? Let us guide you! At CollabPoint, we can help you discover the true power of the Cloud by bringing your users on the journey to ensure widespread adoption, reduce strain felt by your IT team, and set you up for long-term success.

In addition to providing support and strategy, we truly act as your Cloud partner not just strategist. We understand that every organization is unique and has specific goals for their journey to the Cloud. Our team recognizes this and creates a custom, tailored journey map unique to your organization. No two journey maps are ever the same and we want to create a journey that works hard for you and your team.

And you’ll never feel alone in your journey. You will get a dedicated CollabPoint advisor that is an expert in your area of need who will be there to support you throughout the entire migration. From providing recommendations and planning to strategy and ongoing training, your advisor will be with you through every step of the way. CollabPoint will also help to empower your users, boost adoption rates and improve the overall ROI of your Cloud migration — all while freeing up your busy IT team to focus on their day-to-day job tasks.
For more information on the CollabPoint Cloud journey map, check out this blog.

Are you ready to take the journey? Talk to us to learn more!