The High Cost of Low Microsoft 365 User Adoption

How is low adoption hurting your business? Find out how much low adoption is costing you, and how to avoid it in order to experience the full value from your Cloud investment. Begin reaping real ROI today.

The High Cost of Low Adoption On-Demand Webinar

Are you struggling to reap real ROI on your software investments? You’re not alone. Only 37% of organizations feel that they’re achieving the full value expected on their cloud investment.

Here’s a secret: it’s not the technology. To see a return on your Microsoft 365 software investment, you need to do more than a technology deployment. You need a solution that activates change, empowers your people, and transforms your organization.

Listen as Bill Morton, VP of Microsoft Consulting at CollabPoint, and Jared Lord, Enterprise Account Executive at BrainStorm, discuss the high cost of low Microsoft 365 tech adoption, and how to close that gap.

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