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Have you moved your organization to Microsoft Cloud and are disappointed with low Microsoft 365 usage and its unmaterialized benefits? If yes, you are not alone. All too often, organizations finish their Microsoft Cloud implementation and sadly don’t reap the full benefits and ROI of their investment – we are here to change that.

Experience the Full Potential of Your Microsoft Cloud

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Unfortunately, it’s common for organizations to focus primarily on the Microsoft Cloud technology implementation alone and overlook the value of other areas, such as process mapping, user training, and driving adoption. By neglecting elements of the process like user training, enablement training, and user empowerment, you are neglecting your end users – and the key to success lies in their hands. If they don’t embrace Microsoft Cloud, the benefits will remain untapped.

Our Microsoft-certified experts help organizations like yours make the most of their Microsoft Cloud licenses, by focusing on key components – digital adoption, user experience, enablement training, user empowerment, and self-service governance – to unlock the full power of your technology.

Experience the full potential of your Microsoft Cloud Migration

Together, We Can Build a Map to Success in the Microsoft Cloud

Let us guide you with our Microsoft 365 JOURNEY Adoption Framework for a customized approach specific to your organization

Microsoft Cloud Journey Step 1

1. Review Goals and Define Maturity

First, we want to get to know your organization. Starting with your goals for your Microsoft Cloud and Microsoft 365 usage, we will dive deep into exactly what you are hoping to achieve and how we can help you get there. Next, we will review all relevant user research to establish exactly how far you are into your Microsoft Cloud adoption journey, and the next steps needed to ensure success.

Microsoft Cloud Journey Step 2

2. Mapping the Journey

Once we fully understand your goals and ambitions for your Microsoft Cloud adoption, we can begin mapping the best route to get you there. We will piece together all the pieces of the puzzle, including timeline, channels, technologies, touchpoints, and all the innovative ideas we have to make your Microsoft 365 JOURNEY a success.

Microsoft Cloud Journey Step 3

3. Begin the Journey to Implementation

Now that we have mapped out your Microsoft 365 JOURNEY Adoption Framework, it’s time to get started. Our expert team will support and guide your organization through each stage of the framework to make sure the process is as enjoyable and seamless as possible.

Microsoft Cloud Journey Step 4

4. Monthly Advisory from a Dedicated Advisor

Throughout the process, you will be matched with one of CollabPoint’s Microsoft Cloud adoption experts. They will be your dedicated technical resource, providing guidance on your Microsoft 365 JOURNEY Adoption Framework with recommendations, planning, and support along the way. Plus, you will meet with your advisor monthly to track your progress and get answers to any questions.

Microsoft Cloud Journey Step 5

5. Monthly Advisory from a Dedicated Advisor

Although your Microsoft Cloud adoption can seem daunting, your team can take comfort in the fact they will never be alone. CollabPoint will be there throughout your journey to continuously provide support, track progress, and ensure you stay on the right track to achieving your goals.

Why Follow the Microsoft 365 JOURNEY Adoption Framework by CollabPoint?

We can help you discover the true power of the Microsoft Cloud by bringing your users a strategic roadmap to Microsoft 365 usage success, ensuring widespread adoption, reducing the strain felt by your IT team, and setting up your organization for growth.

Unique Microsoft Cloud Migration Approach

Modern Work Expertise

As a Microsoft Designated Modern Work Partner, we have the technical knowledge to truly impact your Microsoft Cloud adoption approach for the better. Our team of Microsoft-certified experts implement industry best practices and proven techniques to help your organization make the most of its Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

A Unique Approach, Just For You

Every organization is unique and has individual needs and expectations from their tech adoption. CollabPoint’s unique perspective recognizes the special attention your organization deserves, and that is why no two of our Microsoft 365 JOURNEY Adoption Frameworks are the same. We take extra care when getting to know your organization and dive deep into the research to fully understand your goals and the best approach to get you there.
Microsoft Cloud Migration Journey Partner
Boost User Adoption Microsoft Cloud Migration Support

Boost End User Adoption

CollabPoint’s Microsoft 365 JOURNEY Adoption Framework will help empower users, boost user adoption, and improve the ROI of your Microsoft Cloud investment as a result. Through our effective user training, we will remove the frustration and confusion users feel so they can get more from modern technology and feel less resistant to its adoption.

Support your IT Team

A migration to Microsoft Cloud is a huge undertaking. It can be extremely overwhelming for IT teams, especially when they are already dedicating a lot of their time to supporting users and troubleshooting problems. CollabPoint is here to help take the strain off your IT team by providing them with the support they need to make the Microsoft 365 adoption a success.
Microsoft Cloud Migration

Get More from Your Microsoft Cloud & Optimize Microsoft 365 Usage When You Journey with CollabPoint

Avoid the common missteps and tap into extended benefits with us.

Microsoft Cloud Measure and Improve Icon

Measure & Improve

Continually measure, reflect on results and improve the approach throughout your journey.

Microsoft Cloud Long-Term Adoption Icon

Long-Term Adoption

Set up for long-term success by planning and mapping the long-term requirements.

Microsoft Cloud Cloud Icon

Complete Platform Use

Empower users to make full use of all the features of Microsoft Cloud with empowerment and training.

Microsoft 365 JOURNEY Adoption Client

“CollabPoint’s Microsoft 365 JOURNEY Adoption Framework was very insightful in identifying our needs and carving the path forward with Microsoft 365. They were extremely responsive and adapted to our requirements to build an effective digital workplace. We have successfully transitioned from a need-based engagement to a long-term strategic partnership.”

- Jon Dawson, Director of Information Technology, WSBA

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