Maine State Credit Union Modernizes & Centralizes with SharePoint & Microsoft Viva

Discover how Maine State Credit Union saved $3,000 per week and decreased ‘all-staff’ emails by 80% by switching to a modern SharePoint Intranet and utilizing Microsoft Viva with the help of CollabPoint.

Modern SharePoint & Microsoft Viva Implementation with CollabPoint

Download the case study to learn how CollabPoint implemented Modern SharePoint and Microsoft Viva to help Maine State Credit Union:

  • Centralize employee communications
  • Build trust in a single source of truth for all employees
  • Drive adoption to reduce and eliminate ‘all-staff’ emails
  • Move manual documentation and processes online
  • Keep all employees informed and engaged
  • Accurately document SOPs, accessible by all employees
  • Develop up-to-date document repository for reliable access


Access the Case Study