We Help Microsoft MSP Partners Drive Adoption & Usage

Are you a Microsoft MSP Partner looking to grow your licensing business through increasing adoption, consumption and usage? By partnering with CollabPoint, Microsoft MSP Partners can provide clients with an end-to-end service offering to help them get more from their Microsoft technologies.


Microsoft MSP Partners Increase User Adoption and Consumption with CollabPoint

At CollabPoint, our team of Microsoft 365 & SharePoint experts are passionate about helping business reach their full potential through mapping and we’d love to help support your clients too. We partner with Microsoft MSP Partners to help them increase adoption, consumption and licensing with our proprietary JOURNEY mapping migration and adoption services.

Microsoft MSP Partner

CollabPoint Helps to Take Microsoft MSPs and Their Clients to the Next Level

Discover the many ways partnering with CollabPoint can benefit you and your clients

Boost digital adoption with Microsoft Office 365 Deployment support

Boost Adoption

CollabPoint will support your clients to boost adoption by empowering end users.

CollabPoint help Microsoft MSP Partners support clients to increase consumption

Increase Consumption

Support your clients through the migration process to increase consumption.

Microsoft MSP Partners can boost the number of licenses clients require with CollabPoint

Grow Licensing

Boost the number of licenses your clients require by proving the true value of Microsoft technologies.

CollabPoint helps Microsoft MSP Partners grow their business

Increase Profitability

Grow your business by providing clients with an end-to-end service offering delivered by CollabPoint.

Microsoft MSP Partners – Provide Better Service to your Clients with CollabPoint

Provide Better Service

CollabPoint will help you to support your client’s way beyond licensing to ensure long term success.

CollabPoint helps Microsoft MSP Partners to drive usage

Drive Usage

CollabPoint maps your client’s JOURNEY to better adoption, and usage of their Microsoft 365 to improve overall ROI.

Why Microsoft MSP Partners Work with CollabPoint?

Our dedicated team of Microsoft 365 & SharePoint experts are here to help

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 & SharePoint experts

CollabPoint’s team consists of Microsoft 365 & SharePoint specialists that are experts in their particular area of expertise. Our consultants are passionate about helping organizations experience the full ROI of their existing technologies and it is our mission to help them get there.

Customizable Approach for Individual Business Needs

At CollabPoint, we understand that every organization is different and that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t enough. Our proprietary methodology of mapping their cloud JOURNEY is fit to their organizational, user and staff needs and aptitudes. Working with a proven methodology framework, your clients receive a service bespoke to enable them to reach their goals.

Microsoft Cloud Journey
CollabPoint Microsoft Partner

Dedicated Partnership

CollabPoint is committed to building strong partnerships for the long term. Our team will work closely with both you and your clients to lay the foundations for continuous success.

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Client Testimonials

“I’ve been in the technology sector a long time. CollabPoint is one of the best consulting groups I have ever worked with. They listen to what I need and what I want to fit a solution to our business and operating processes. I highly recommend working with these Microsoft Cloud experts.”


Pete Dierker

IT Senior Lead, Stafford Group

“We always look towards CollabPoint for guaranteed deployment success. Over the last few years, they have supported us with over 20 high client-facing projects and we have received exceptionally positive feedback from all of them. If anyone is in search of a trustworthy partner, CollabPoint is the way to go!”

Emily Robilllard
Senior Recruitment Consultant at Nigel Frank