Microsoft Office 365 Deployment and Digital Adoption Solutions

A successful Microsoft Office 365 Deployment goes so much further than just the technical rollout to your users. A high level of digital adoption across your organization is the key to success and our expert team are ready to help you get there with a range of custom solutions that we will fully customize to support the unique needs of your organization.

No Matter The Microsoft Platforms Used, We’re Here to Help

CollabPoint’s expert team have extensive experience across the full suite of Microsoft products so we are ready to help you reach the Microsoft Cloud with efficiency and long-term success.

 Boost digital adoption with Microsoft Office 365 Deployment support
microsoft office 365 solutions - microsoft 365 security

Microsoft 365 Security

Keep your network secure and compliant by utilizing Microsoft 365’s security features.

Microsoft Teams

Empower user collaboration and communication with a successful Microsoft Teams deployment.

Microsoft Viva

Embrace Microsoft Viva Connections to upgrade internal communications and bring people together.

SharePoint Intranet

Empower users to get more from the Cloud with effective Microsoft SharePoint solutions.

Azure Cloud

Successfully migrate to Azure Cloud Services to unlock the many benefits of the Cloud.

Endpoint Management

Secure your endpoints to keep users, data and sensitive information safe.

Power Platform

Streamline operations with low-code solutions like Power Apps, Power Automate & Power BI.

Microsoft platform

Windows (WVD)

Scale and deploy Windows virtually for desktop and apps on Azure.

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Proven Capabilities with Solutions Partner Designation

Leverage our credentials to help customers boost their productivity and make the shift to hybrid work using Microsoft Office 365. CollabPoint’s highly skilled consultants will empower your organization to work, learn, collaborate and create effectively.

Office 365 deployment and digital adoption support

Optimize Your Microsoft Office 365 Deployment

Regardless of what stage you are at with your Microsoft 365 Deployment, you must always keep your end users front of mind.

Often, organizations find their Microsoft Office 365 deployment fall flat upon completion because of their failure to empower users. At CollabPoint, we support your Microsoft Office 365 deployment and protect you from these common traps.

Access our solution sheet to see the extensive experience of our dedicated team across the full suite of Microsoft products.


Together, We Make Your Successful Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Journey

At CollabPoint, we are passionate about you experience the full ROI of your organizations technology by helping you to uncover all their capabilities, empowering users and boosting digital adoption. We recognize that all organizations are unique and have their own individual set of goals, so all of our solutions can be mixed and matched to best support you to meet your goals.

Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint strategy


CollabPoint’s team of Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint experts will apply their knowledge and experience to create the optimal strategy for your technology deployment and adoption. From start to finish, we can map out the best approach to ensure success for the long term.


Carrying out a deployment takes a lot of pre-planning. Thankfully, we are here to help ease the load. Our experts have successfully completed countless Microsoft Office 365 deployments meaning they know every element that should be accounted for in the pre-planning process. Together, we can create your organization a detailed, well-researched plan to guide you through the deployment process.

Pre-planning Microsoft Office 354 deployment
Implementation of Microsoft Office 365


While most consultancies focus solely on strategy, at CollabPoint we are here to support you well beyond that. Our team of Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint experts will work collaboratively with you to carry out the implementation of your strategy to ensure everything runs smoothly.

User Training

Empowering your users to get the most from your technology is at the heart of successful digital adoption. CollabPoint will help your users navigate new or existing applications within your environment through engaging training sessions and hands-on workshops to remove the confusion and frustration they would feel going at it alone.

gain user training of your Microsoft Office 365 platform
Microsoft Office 365 Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

A successful Microsoft Office 365 migration doesn’t end the day you launch the technology to your users. Our expert team will there to support you long after you have completed the deployment to reduce the strain on your IT team, provide support to users, and to help you overcome any challenges that may arise as time goes by.

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“We always look towards CollabPoint for guaranteed deployment success. Over the last few years, they have supported us with over 20 high client-facing projects and we have received exceptionally positive feedback from all of them. If anyone is in search of a trustworthy partner, CollabPoint is the way to go!”

- Emily Robillard, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Nigel Frank

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