Take the JOURNEY to Microsoft 365 Success

Is your organization getting the most from your Microsoft technologies? If your users aren’t empowered to get the most from the many Microsoft platforms available to them, you’ll be unlikely to experience the maximum ROI from your existing technology. At CollabPoint, we are here to change that.

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Microsoft Office 365 Support Tailored to You

When deploying Microsoft Office 365 within your organization, it’s vital to keep your users at the heart of the process. Empowering users to get the most from the technology will ensure higher digital adoption and is the key to long term success.

At CollabPoint, our expert team are here to provide your users with the training and support they need in Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint to reduce any confusion or frustration that may be getting in their way.

Navigating Your Microsoft Cloud Journey

Migrating to the Cloud is a huge undertaking, but we are here to be your guiding light as you embark on the journey. Too often, organizations fail to unlock the full potential of their Cloud migration. Our expert team is here to ensure you don’t fall into the same common traps on your journey to the Cloud. When you take the journey with CollabPoint, a dedicated advisor will be there to support you every step of the way to help your team lay the foundations for long term success.

Microsoft Office 365 Support and Microsoft Cloud Journey Support from CollabPoint

Gain More from Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint

Strategy Creation

CollabPoint’s expert team can work with you to create a strategy to lead your organization to long term success in Microsoft 365.

Rollout Planning

Planning a Microsoft 365 migration takes a lot of time, but we are here to help. We will create a plan to guide your deployment from start to finish

User Training

Empower your users to get more from the technology available to them with engaging training sessions and workshops.


Collaborate with CollabPoint beyond strategy and pre-planning through the implementation process to ensure your technology migration is a success.

Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint Support

CollabPoint’s Microsoft 365 & SharePoint experts will be there to support your users long after deployment to reduce the strain on your IT team.

Cloud Migration Journey

Take the journey to the Cloud with CollabPoint to support users, ensure high levels of user adoption and unlock the full ROI.

Customizable Support Where You Need It, No Matter the Platform

CollabPoint’s team of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint experts have provided support to organizations across the full suite of Microsoft products. No matter which technology you need support with, we are here to help you reach your organization experience the full benefit of the Microsoft Cloud.

Microsoft 365 & SharePoint Icon

Microsoft 365 & SharePoint

CollabPoint can provide your users the Microsoft 365 support they need to get more from the full suite of applications including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Viva Connections. We are passionate about empowering users to get more from their existing technology with one-to-one support, training sessions and workshops.

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Microsoft 365 Security & EndPoint Management

How secure is your network currently? CollabPoint can help you keep your network secure by putting the many features of Microsoft 365 Security to work. Plus, we can help you to ensure all your endpoints are secure to keep your users, data and confidential information safe.

Azure Icon

Azure Cloud

CollabPoint are here for you every step of the way as you migrate to Azure Cloud Services. No matter what stage you are at, our advisors can help guide you to success and empower you to unlock all the benefits the Cloud has to offer. All of our Cloud Migration Journey services are bespoke to ensure they meet the individual needs and goals of your organization.

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Power Platform

CollabPoint’s dedicated advisors can support your team in getting more from Power Platform by streamlining low-code apps with Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI.


Ready To Start Your Journey?

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Windows Virtual Desktop

When you make the move to Azure Cloud, we can help your organization scale and deploy Windows virtually to all end users for both desktop and applications. Plus, we will work with you to ensure your end users are engaged in the journey to boost adoption and reduce any resistance to change.


Equip Customers for Long-Term Success

We partner with Microsoft MSP Partners to take their clients to the next level with Microsoft 365 & SharePoint Support

Are you a Microsoft MSP Partner looking to grow your licensing business and increase the adoption, consumption and usage of Microsoft 365 & SharePoint of your clients? When you partner with CollabPoint, we will provide your clients with end-to-end service to help them get more from Microsoft 365 & SharePoint through effective planning, implementation and user empowerment.

Equire customers for long term success with Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint Support

Let’s Take the JOURNEY To Success Together

Get in touch today to learn more about how CollabPoint can help you find success with tailored Microsoft 365 & SharePoint Support from strategy to implementation and beyond

Commence Your Microsoft Cloud JOURNEY with CollabPoint

Microsoft Cloud Migration Journey

Microsoft Cloud Migration Journey

Take the journey to the Cloud with CollabPoint to ensure your organization finds the success it deserves. CollabPoint’s team of dedicated advisors will be by your side from start to finish to ensure you have the support you need every step of the way.

Microsoft Office 365 Deployment Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 Deployment and Digital Adoption Solutions

A successful Microsoft Office 365 deployment is so much more than just a technical rollout. CollabPoint’s team can help you achieve the digital adoption needed to make your deployment a success.

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