Do You Need a Microsoft 365 Tenant Assessment?

do you need a microsoft 365 tenant assessment
An organization keen on utilizing its Microsoft 365 environment to its full potential must know how to leverage the expanding suite to its fullest extent, which requires understanding the size and complexity of the environment. Visibility into the data is essential to streamline data consolidations, avoid potential roadblocks and provide additional value to end users. In addition, a better understanding of your needs is critical for the success of all future digital workplace undertakings.

You can ensure a smooth work experience by evaluating your Microsoft 365 tenant environment for visibility into the density of its applications and workloads, such as mailboxes, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, public folders, and more.

A Microsoft 365 Tenant Assessment helps you map out what you need to optimize the existing environment to eliminate your security vulnerabilities and build a space for efficient collaboration. In other words, the best way to address end user concerns, manage stakeholder expectations and meet business goals simultaneously, is through an extensive evaluation of the present tools and technologies to carve the path forward.

Boost the Value of Your Business Suite with a Microsoft 365 Tenant Evaluation

Invest time in a Microsoft 365 Tenant Assessment to streamline the process for your organization’s stakeholders to drive productivity without disrupting your workplace. On a high level, a strategic Microsoft 365 Tenant Assessment allows you to:

Optimize Data & Usage in Microsoft 365

On one hand, before a migration, assessing the data and identifying where you can clean it up will alleviate potential headaches. In doing this, you can reduce migration costs by only migrating the data you need and removing unnecessary clutter in the destination environment.

On the other hand, if you have already set up your Microsoft 365 tenant internally, you probably followed many of the default settings at the time. However, these administrator portal configurations are always changing. So, a review of where you started and how things may have evolved over time will help you clean up any clutter and optimize usage.

Microsoft 365 Tenant Assessment Business Benefits

CollabPoint’s proprietary Microsoft 365 Tenant Assessment methodology, leveraging the Center of Internet Security’s Benchmark, helps you anticipate and decrease project costs. Download our Microsoft 365 Tenant Assessment Services Sheet to review the comprehensive service offering in its entirety, led by Microsoft Modern Work Designated experts.

The savings derived through our Tenant Assessment offering can be channeled back to your business operations and build upon your migration success.

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CollabPoint empowers your organization through the Microsoft 365 Tenant Assessment to:

  • Define Scope: Without accurate assessments, you can easily miss things in your project estimate. If you don’t have a defined scope, it can be a struggle to cover any unseen expenses at the last minute.
  • Secure and Comply: Data migration is high stakes for companies concerned about data integrity, security, and compliance. CollabPoint utilizes the Center for Internet Security’s benchmark to help you avoid costly problems by identifying issues that can be mitigated sooner rather than later.
  • Improve Productivity: CollabPoint cloud experts do the heavy lifting of analyzing your workplace and its workloads and provide you with a detailed guide on improving efficiencies. Your employees will be enabled and empowered to add more value in more interesting ways.
  • Mitigate Risk: The more you understand about your environment, the more accurate you can be with the timing and complexities of the migration. Thus, you will have fewer issues that need to be fixed at the back end and in the long run.

Work with Modern Work Designated Solutions Partner

CollabPoint is a Microsoft Modern Work Solutions Partner, dedicated to helping organizations like yours discover the true power of the Microsoft 365 workspace. We bring your users on the journey to ensure widespread adoption, reduce strain felt by your IT team, and set you up for long-term success.

We recognize that no two organizations are the same and have their unique business goals. This allows us to tailor our Microsoft 365 Tenant Assessment to match your expectations. Get in touch with our Microsoft consultants to schedule your Microsoft 365 Tenant Assessment to uncover more value for your organization.